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Product Packaging

Actiglo Lures is proud to announce its product line of Spinnerbait Blades, In-Line Spinnerbait Lures and retail product packaging.

All products shipped via eCommerce is sent without retail packaging. Each item is placed in a protected bubble wrap bag and mailed in a 4"x 4"x 4" cardboard box.

The Actiglo spinnerbait blades are sold "individually" via eCommerce but will be sold as a selection of two blades in retail packaging as shown below.

Actiglo is where you will find the finest selection of Performance Illumination Lures designed and engineered with the knowledge and expertise of the most successful group of professional fishermen in the sport.

These lures are tested and proven to perform as represented by anglers and professional fishermen.

Contact us  for more information on release of our Actiglo lure products.

In-Line Spinnerbaits

Spinnerbaits Blades