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Swimbait Lures

Swimbaits are a classification of fishing lures that imitate fish both in appearance and movement having a distinctive action appearing to swim during retrieve.

Most swimbaits are made of vinyl-plastisol incorporating lead weighted hooks located within the bait, allowing the bait to sink below the surface of the water.

Actiglo swimbaits will be injection molded with sinking or floating polymers without the use of lead or vinyl-plastisol.

By mixing different percentages of our polymers we are able to reach neutral buoyancy and hold our swimbaits at specific water depths unlike any other technology known today.

Similar to our spinnerbait blades and spoon lures, Actiglo swimbaits will have "edge-glow" coloration or silver or gold aluminum reflective added during the injection molding process.

A complimenting colored miniature light emitting diode not seen in the lure body will be encapsulated within the swimbait to maintain its appearance at any water depth fished, during dawn dusk or night, in adverse weather conditions and degrading water clarity.

The addition of our preferred lenticular bait fish pattern on the sides of the swimbait body will exactly mimic the bait fish underwater parallel to its surface counterpart without visualizing a light source.

There are no painted, stained, or colored plastisol swimbaits that can duplicate what Actiglo polymer or polymer/lenticular swimbaits can achieve.

The pictures shown below are polymer/lenticular prototypes.

                                "BE SEEN BE CAUGHT"

      U.S. Patent 9,675,956 & Patent Pending Application 13/739,626