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Safety-Pin Spinnerbait Lures

Adding an Actiglo spinnerbait blade to a safety-pin spinnerbait lure creates an entirely new dimension to the lure.

  1. the 3D configuration produces exceptional vibrations and sound patterns underwater
  2. provides enhanced luminous coloration under all fishing conditions
  3. improves visual lure performance with highly multidirectional flash aluminum silver and gold reflective injection molded within the blade
  4. maintains a light emitting diode illumination specific to the "edge-glow" coloration of the blade overcoming the loss of sunlight, water depth fished, degrading water clarity, and unfavorable weather conditions.
  5. allows fishing during dawn, dusk or night with a choice of specific light emitting diode illuminated colors or a clear polymer blade incorporating a 400nm Ultraviolet light emitting diode encapsulated within the blade.

    • When fishing in clear shallow water the angler has a choice to deactivate the miniature light emitting diode and fish the lure with its luminous coloration or added reflective properties.

    • It is recommended to use a medium to quick retrieve to initiate and maximize the rotation of the blade.

        Please review precautions and how to properly activate and deactivate/store the CR1025 3 volt Lithium coin cell battery found under page;

                    Lures / Spinnerbait Blades

                          "BE SEEN BE CAUGHT"

                                      US Patent Pending
                                  Application # 13/739,626