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Hard Body Lures

Hard Bodied lures, usually manufactured with ABS plastics are expertly painted and may have Mylar strips, reflective foils, or holographic images inside the lure body to attract fish to strike.

They are highly successful and very well received by anglers as they encompass a wide range of fishing lures commonly recognized as crank baits, plugs, wobblers, shallow divers and deep divers.

Actiglo hard bodied lures will be made of polycarbonate or ABS plastics having an illuminated polymer light transmission medium positioned inside the hard bodied lure body, US Patent 8,282,970, maintaining its color pattern, and iridescence.

Supported by US Patent 9,675,056, Illuminated Polymer Lenticular Fishing Lures, once a lenticular lens bait image is adhered to the sides of the Actiglo hard bodied lure the exact replica of the bait fish will be duplicated in its natural luminescence, color, scale and fin pattern, while adding a two or three dimensional appearance to the lure. 

Powered by a CR2032 3 volt Lithium coin cell battery lasting over 100 hours, our hard bodied lures will replicate the appearance of the bait fish without visualizing the light source.


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