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Spinnerbait Blades

Spinnerbait blades placed on spinnerbait lures or used in other fishing applications have been very successful and well respected since their introduction in 1938 but basically remain the same as stamped metal with gold, silver or copper bright finishes or painted finishes with multiple colors and patterns.

Actiglo's first spinnerbait illuminated polymer blade is manufactured in a three-dimensional shape, 7/8" at its widest point, 1 7/8" in overall length and weighs .2 ounces. 

The unique shape is engineered to house a miniature light emitting diode, a small Lithium coin cell battery placed in an elastomer battery holder and a U shaped brass weight which allows the blade to rotate with greater vibrations and sound patterns compared to metal blades.

Actiglo spinnerbait blades have a polymer front and back section which are injection molded allowing a variety of "edge-glow" luminous colorants or gold and silver reflective to be added during the injection molding process so the entire three dimensional blade is luminescent and highly reflective in all directions.

The coloration of the blade is further enhanced by optically coupling a miniature light emitting diode internally in the blade allowing greater reflectivity, a blood red appearance, or creation of a color pattern, flash, iridescence or Ultraviolet light not achievable with finishes on metal blades.

The ability to maintain the coloration and reflective of Actiglo blades underwater overcoming the loss of sunlight, water depth fished, time fished, degrading water clarity and unfavorable weather conditions

challenges metal blades as the visually appearing aspects of metal blades are diminished or completely lost under these adverse conditions.

All Actiglo spinnerbait blades are powered by a replaceable CR1025 3 volt Lithium coin cell battery lasting 50 to100 hours conditionally.

Please review the following information below concerning battery activation and deactivation and use common sense never to put the battery in your mouth as it can cause serious health issues if swallowed.


U.S. Patent Pending / Application Number 13/739,626

Actiglo Battery Activation and Deactivation/Storage Instructions