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Actiglo's first completed lure is an in-line spinnerbait designed with a three- dimensional blade, weighing .2 ounces that rotates with a strong vibration through the water using a medium to quick retrieve.


The injection molded spinnerbait blades are also sold separately and are offered in several "edge-glow" colors with equivalent colored illumination which are luminescent underwater, a clear polymer having either silver or gold aluminum reflective and a clear polymer having a 400nm LED.  


Our 2nd offering In development and being tested is our polymer spoon lure with an overall length of 41/4" and weighing 1 ounce with a sink rate in fresh water of 1 per foot per second which will replicate the appearance of a dying or injured bait fish.


Our most impressive Actiglo lures being developed will incorporate our patented polymer lenticular technology in jigs, swimbaits, spoons, and hard bodied lures with true to life images of the desired bait fish.


Actiglo polymer lenticular lures will imitate the exact appearance of the desired bait fish no matter what conditions they are fished in.


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Spinnerbait Blades

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