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The history behind actiglo® lures

Bob Senter knew that all painted lures that come "out of the box" do not look equivalent underwater to their surface counterpart because water is 784 times denser than air and acts as a selective color filter causing loss of sunlight which adversely affects color, contrast, iridescence and reflectivity.

Because fish are predominantly sight feeders Bob recognized a lure that could mimic a bait fish in appearance while maintaining its color, scale and fin pattern, iridescence and flash underwater under all conditions would catch more fish.

Bob determined that injection molding a spinner blade with a polymer light transmission medium optically coupling with a miniature light emitting diode, would maintain its desired appearance at any depth or time fished, in degrading water clarity and unfavorable weather conditions.

Bob had his engineers complete CAD drawings, made numerous prototypes, tested different configurations, then finalized a production spinnerbait blade with edge-glow coloration and silver or gold metallic aluminum reflective creating a luminous coloration and reflective flash to his polymer three dimensional spinnerbait blade.

Bob went on to create an in-line spinnerbait lure and had both the lure and spinnerbait blades fished in lakes and rivers from Argentina to Canada, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and beyond and all anglers reported catching numerous species of fish while casting, using a spinner harness or trolling.

Those spinnerbait lures and blades are available online under STORE.

Then Bob discovered a fishing lure technology overcoming the deficiencies of painted lures that will never be challenged.

Bob is combining a proprietary lenticular lens incorporating a high definition JPEG image of the desired bait fish to Actiglo's polymer illuminated light transmission medium and or polycarbonate hard bodied lure to create and maintain the color, scale and fin pattern, flash, iridescence, a motion effect and desired two or three dimensional appearance to spoon, swimbait, jig and hard bodied lures.

Once completed, polymer/lenticular Actiglo fishing lures; jigs, swimbaits, spoons and hard bodied lures, fished at any depth, during dawn, dusk or night, in adverse weather or degrading water clarity will replicate the exact appearance of the bait fish in color, scale and fin patterns iridescence, flash, and movement not paralleled by any other lure technology known today.