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  In-Line Spinnerbait Lures

 Actiglo In-Line Spinnerbait Lures include;

1.    a three dimensional polymer illuminated blade weighing .2 ounces 

2.    brass or nickel folded clevis  

3.    solid brass or nickel upper and lower bodies 

4.    .35" straight wire form 

5.    clear wire form compression tubing
6.    3X Eagle Claw Treble Hook 

7.    overall weight .4 ounces 

The unique 3D shape of the Actiglo spinnerbait blade produces a more pronounced rotation creating greater vibrations and sound patterns through the water compared to metal spinnerbait blades.

It is recommended to use a medium to quick retrieve to initiate and maximize the rotation of the blade.

The color pattern, flash and iridescence of metal blades will change dramatically underwater because water acts as a selective color filter causing loss of sunlight, color contrast and iridescence. 

Actiglo In-Line Spinnerbaits overcome theses deficiencies by:  

  • optically coupling a complimenting colored miniature light emitting diode to the polymer light transmission medium or an ultraviolet 400nm to a clear polymer spinnerbait blade.

  • adding edge-glow luminous colorants to the polymer during the injection molding process 

  • adding brilliant silver or gold aluminum reflective to a clear polymer  spinnerbait  blade                                               

    The polymer illuminated Actiglo blade creates and maintains the desired color, color pattern, and iridescence to the spinner blade lure overcoming the loss of sunlight, water depth fished, fishing during dawn, dusk or night, in degrading water clarity and unfavorable weather conditions as the visually appearing aspects of metal painted or flash finish spinnerbaits are diminished or completely lost under these adverse conditions. 

    Please review precautions and how to properly activate and deactivate/store the CR1025 3 volt Lithium coin cell battery found under page; 

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                          "BE SEEN BE CAUGHT" 

                      US Patent Pending

                             Application # 13/739,626