jig lures

Jig Lures

A jig is a weighted lure typically comprised of a lead head opposite the hook. The hook is covered with a colored and highly flexible material usually made from a vinyl plastisol replicating the body of a minnow, crawfish, grub, worm or other aquatic creature to attract a fish to strike.
Jig lures are offered in various sizes, weights, shapes, patterns and colors and are highly regarded as excellent baits when fished at different water depths in fresh water lakes and rivers and salt water seas and oceans.
R2 Innovations first Actiglo lure is a jig lure with a replaceable body made from a proprietary sinking and or floating polymer and a thermoplastic head  which measures 11/8" wide x 7/8" high x 13/4" in length creating an overall lure length of 53/4". 
The "Big Gra" jig head contains a water tight elastomer battery cell boot which holds a replaceable 3 Volt Lithium coin cell battery, CR 2032, lasting 100+ hours conditionally. The ''Big Gra" jig head contains a miniture light emitting diode which cannot be seen once optically coupled to the jig lure body.

The jig lure body is made from a proprietary polymer which is colorized to mimic the appearance of worms and grubs. The proprietary polymer has a specific gravity that allows it to sink without the use of lead in fresh water and salt water, a shore hardness and tensile strength which eliminates any tearing and a refractive index that when coupled to the "Big Gra" jig head maintains a natural color, color pattern and iridescence in the jig lure unlike any lure technology known today.

Engineered with no loose parts to fall out or lose, Actiglo jigs can be fished out of the box or once optically activated will maintain their natural color, color pattern and iridescence at any water depth fished, during dawn, dusk or night, in adverse weather conditions or degrading water clarity.

R2 will offer a variety of "Big Gra" floating baits and baits that sink to specific water depths both in fresh and salt water by altering the specific gravity of their non bleeding colorized polymer mixtures.

The "Big Gra" jig will be followed by the "Lil Gra" jig which will be smaller in size and weight utilizing a CR1025 3 Volt Lithium coin cell battery.

All Actiglo jig lures are free of lead and plastisol and will have a tuned sink rate by alteration of the specific gravity of the polymers comprising the lures.