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Actiglo® Swim Bait Lure

Swim baits also known as sinking plastic "swimbaits" are a classification of fishing lures that imitate fish both in appearance and movement.

Some swim baits have a distinct lure action appearing to swim when the tail flutters during retrieve while others are jointed baits that wave back and forth in the water when retrieved.

Lure manufacturers most commonly use vinyl plastisol materials to mold swim baits into specific designs and sizes while incorporating lead weighted hooks within the bait allowing the bait to sink below the surface of the water.

Actiglo® will introduce new swimbaits in 2012 manufactured with R2's proprietary polymers and illumination technology allowing the swim bait to reach neutral buoyancy at specific water depths while maintaining its color, color pattern and iridescent characteristics at any depth fished, during dawn, dusk or night, in adverse weather conditions and degrading water clarity.

Actiglo® swim baits are engineered with a replaceable 3 Volt Lithium coin cell battery, an elastomer battery cell boot, a miniature light emitting diode and hook.

Actiglo® proprietary polymers have a shore hardness and tensile strength which eliminates any tearing of the lure body no matter what predator strikes it.

The angler has the choice of fishing the Actiglo® swim bait out of the box or activating Actiglo®'s illumination technology which maintains the color, color pattern and iridescent appearance throughout the entire lure body.

"Going Blue"

Actiglo® Swim Baits are Lead and Plastisol free.

U.S. CIP patent application 61/586,504 Illuminated Spinnerbait Fishing Lure pending.

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