ActigloŽ Fishing Lures

Engineered, Manufactured & Assembled in the


Actiglo® Lure Engineer


Actiglo® Lures are engineered by Mr. Wayne Gonnering who is also a skilled and avid angler.


Mr. Gonnering is responsible for current and future lure designs, CAD drawings in IGS, STEP and AI file formats and coordinates manufacturing tolerances for our component parts and injection molds.


We are proud to have Mr. Wayne Gonnering on our team as his engineering talents and experience as an angler are invaluable.


WayneGo Design LLC
P.O. Box 70
Evergreen, Colorado 80437

Office Telephone: (720) 542 8324




 Actiglo® Manufacturing Facility


Mr. Hyrum Anderson, chief mechanical engineer and director at High Performance Engineering (HPE) is responsible for manufacturing Actiglo®'s high-grade metal alloy injection lure molds and component parts.


HPE is ISO 9000 rated and is located at:


High Performance Engineering

650 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907 3514

Telephone: (719) 473 9989