Actiglo® Fishing Lures

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                                      ACTIGLO®  FISHING LURES

Lures are available in various patterns and colors but what looks excellent out of box dramatically changes at different water depths because water
is a substance 800 times denser than air and acts as a selective color filter
causing loss of iridescence, color and contrast.

The way light changes under water is responsible for the typical "under water atmosphere" creating challenges for the angler with visual lure performance.

R2 Innovations, LLC has engineered a patented fishing lure technology, U.S. 8,091,270 Illuminated Fishing Lure, utilizing proprietary floating and sinking polymers, transparent non bleeding colorizers and reflective that when optically coupled to a light emitting diode create a natural color, color pattern and iridescence to the fishing lure.

Actiglo® floating and sinking lures; hard bodied, jigs, swim baits and spinnerbaits are engineered and manufactured to mimic the natural color, color pattern and iridescence of live bait fish and once activated will overcome; the loss of sunlight at any depth fished, degrading water clarity, adverse weather conditions, fishing during dawn, dusk or night as the visually appealing aspects of other fishing lures are diminished or completely lost under these adverse conditions.

All Actiglo® lure engineering, designs, injection molds, components and packaging are made, assembled, purchased and manufactured in the USA

"Going Blue"
Actiglo® Lures are Lead and Plastisol free.

U.S. Divisional patent application 13/296,517, Illuminated Lure
U.S. Divisional patent application 13/343,900, Illuminated Jig Lure
U.S. CIP patent application 61/586,504 Illuminated Spinnerbait Fishing Lure pending.



Actiglo® is a Trademark of R2 Innovations,LLC

Pictures of CAD Drawings & Lure Prototypes