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Spinnerbait Fishing Lures

In-line and safety-pin style spinnerbait fishing lures are equipped with at least one rotating blade which produces vibrations and sound patterns in the water. The angler can control the direction and action of the spinnerbait lure but the lure's color, color pattern and iridescence will change dramatically underwater because water acts as a selective color filter causing loss of sunlight, color, contrast and iridescence.

The way light transforms under water is responsible for the typical “under water atmosphere” creating challenges for the angler with visual lure performance.

R2 Innovations, LLC has engineered spinnerbait fishing lures having detachable fish and aquatic bodies made from proprietary polymers as well as rotating blades made from thermoplastic polymers that when optically coupled to a specific light emitting diode creates a natural color, color pattern and iridescence to the spinnerbait lure.

Powered by a CR1025 replaceable 3 Volt Lithium coin cell battery lasting up to 100 hours conditionally and an elastomer battery cell boot insuring a water tight seal; Actiglo® spinnerbait fishing lures will overcome the loss of sunlight, water depth fished, time fished (dawn, dusk or night), degrading water clarity and unfavorable weather conditions as the visually appealing aspects of other spinnerbait fishing lures are diminished or completely lost under these adverse conditions.

"Going Blue"

Actiglo® Spinnerbaits are Lead and Plastisol free.

U.S. CIP patent application 61/586,504 Illuminated Spinnerbait Fishing Lure pending.

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