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Actiglo® Hard Body Lures

Hard body lures, usually made from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastics, encompass a wide range of fishing lures commonly recognized as crankbaits (crank baits), plugs, wobblers, shallow-divers, and deep-divers.


Each hard body lure is designed and manufactured to be fished either near the surface of the water or maneuvered through the water at different depths with different movements or built in actions depending on the targeted fish.

 Manufacturers have achieved many advances in action and appearance with hard body baits some of which include:


  • Rattling
  • Wobble
  • Rolling
  • Splash
  • Popping


  • 3D or life like holographic eyes
  • highly reflective holographic or realistic high visibility color finishes
  • clear coat protective finishes
  • realistic vibrant finishes
  • specific color patterns
  • reflective foil insert
  • translucent high impact plastic
  • brilliant holographic laser tape finish
  • high visibility colors
  • holographic scale finish

The advancements in hard body lure appearance have not overcome the challenge of visual lure performance with respect to water depth fished, degrading water clarity, adverse weather conditions and time fished. 

Actiglo® hard bodied lures made with an outer hard thermoplastic polymer shell encapsulate an inner polymer lens body with a luminous cut in scale pattern which is optically coupled to a miniature light emitting diode allowing a natural color, color pattern and iridescence to encompass the lure body.

A replaceable 3 Volt Lithium coin cell battery, CR2032, an elastomer battery cell boot, a miniature light emitting diode, 2 compression cords, and a custom polymer lens reside within the lure body.

Actiglo® hard bodied lures can be fished out of the box or once activated will maintain their color, color pattern and iridescent appearance equivalent to or greater than their surface counterpart.

"Going Blue"

Actiglo® HB Lures are Lead and Plastisol free.

U.S. Patent 8,091,270 Illuminated Lure issued 01/10/2012
U.S. Divisional patent application 13/296,517 Illuminated Lure pending.

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